Stop Alcohol Addiction

Each week I work with and see clients to overcome alcohol addiction through hypnosis. 

Take control of your life back and restore your energy.


Dreams are impacted by Alcohol use and you know you really want to start planning for a brighter future.


Clients travel from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast for my expert skills to assess and work through the signs of alcohol addiction.


Many have lost their home, and their family and most of all hope. 


Some client's have not lost everything as yet and get help before that happens.

I work with client in my own practice and also at a rehab retreat.

The health, financial, social cost of an alcohol addiction is immense so let me help you leave that behind. 


Getting to that underlying cause and reshaping your present and future path is what we undertake as part of the sessions.


Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist Matt Vance has worked with thousands of clients over many years in beating this addiction.

Anxiety, Grief, Loss, Social Phobias, Insomnia, Traumas, and Drugs are often linked to the Alcohol Addiction. 

Contact Psychologist Matt for a chat on what may be the most suitable package for you.

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