Alcohol Addiction

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That daily routine that seems to lead no-where. You drink to get to sleep, to quieten your mind. Your mind is in overwhelm from past decisions, present stressors and future worries that you just can’t make decisions about. ​

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It may have started drinking at lunch to escape work, then it was a drink on the way home – even a mixer in the car on the way home stuck in traffic not caring who saw you drinking. Then it was each night blacking out. Then it was to get through the work day hiding it in drink bottles. 

No longer could you make decisions to stop. You have your favourite hiding places at home – the laundry, the garage, cupboards you know your partner does not look in the kitchen.

You go to different bottle shops to convince yourself and to feel like you are not a regular. The bins just seem to be full of bottles/cans that you worry your neighbours already suspect something.

You may have already or need to acknowledge you just can’t buy a bottle of spirits anymore.

Perhaps you just want to get up and enjoy the sunrise but never do.

Excuses keep coming for those activities to go out as you know you want to drink or you already have started drinking and cancel attending with some old excuse.

Your GP if they knew about your habit would advise you to stop. By the time they know about your habit you are already dealing with scared liver.

Wake Up Fresh

Alcohol just seems to be always in your mind, and the thought of clearing your mind at the end of the day gets you through to the end of the day.

Parts of the above reflect my past and I now help thousands of people each year in my own practice, online and through a long term rehab I work to enable you to wake up fresh and look forward to planning ahead again.

Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Matt Vance

My processes for alcohol addiction whether it be ceasing or a reduction are fast and effective.

Quit Now

Poison in those substances will be replaced with life again.

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