Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy on the Sunshine Coast really has been proven to be the most effective way to quit smoking forever. I teach quit smoking aids and stress management techniques as part of the quit smoking program - for lasting results.

I undertake long term follow up with clients and they say "I’m doing great - have not smoked since I saw you hurray !!" 

I get most of my referrals from clients to their own friends and neighbours.

Forget Cold Turkey, Champix, Nicotine Patches and Gum - These methods are very low on the scale of effectiveness to remain smoke free for life.

It really is time to get your health back with the best tips to quit smoking and tap into the potential of your unconscious mind to stop smoking now.

Contact Psychologist Matt for a chat on what may be the most suitable package for you.

Each week with Hypnosis Matt makes a major health shift in the lives of people from all over the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Clients do travel just to reclaim their lives. 

My two session smoking cessation package is $500. This involves:

  • some preparatory tasks I send to you a week before we see each other;

  • a 90 minute session where we go through some history and the main trance work where majority of clients will quit;

  • followed by a week follow-up for some final release work and stress management techniques.

Whether on holidays or already live here - there is no excuse not to quit and Matt really can make it easy for you.

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