How to manage Anxiety

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It may have started when you were young and you only played out front of your house when no-one was around.

You had your own world, but felt watched and always aware of noise from others, so never could really escape. In your mind you did sometimes. Your own place. You stepped over lines on your way to school. You counted those steps and they had to be just the right count.


Some sort of stress lately has built up or an incident has occurred and now you are back in that constantly alert state, not sure what the triggers are. But you know you are safe in your own space away, or are still trying to find that space again. You have tried many things but never feel you can commit to any of them, always discounting yourself or hearing what others might say.

Perhaps you wake up in dread.

You may have recurring nightmares - Where your mind is still trying to problem solve that past, or the worries of the future mixed with today.  


Your mind does not switch off at night and you may need the fan or TV on for some background noise all night – To escape those thoughts.


You may now avoid driving on the highway or over bridges.  You may avoid busy places or going out at all unless when you have to. Panic comes in many forms and this habit just seems to unconsciously happen now.


You may have turned to alcohol or other substances to calm your thoughts or to feel you can fit in, and be comfortable to know what to say. You may take comfort in some repetitive behaviours that at times start to impede your routine.


I too was a child who counted my steps on the way to school and in times of stress I would wander to my own world. Later in life, about ten years ago, dealing with stress would come to a head with major work and life events for me then started the journey I am still on to learn new skills to ground and accept myself.

Always analysing/planning ahead/overthinking, even though there was so much going on in the present. This led to a pattern of overwhelm and some bad habits evolved.


Then I was stuck in a daily routine of repetitive bad habits that seem to take you even deeper and away from seeing possibilities and options that really are still there.  Through this process I tried many things mostly short term fixes.


Through my experiences and the many thousands of clients I help (each one of you unique and similar in so many ways) I will guide you through my processes to bring your enjoyment of the present moments back again, to calm your mind and reset some good habits that do still exist within you.


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You will be able to look up again and see what possibilities do exist in your present life, speak your mind when you need to and take steps to be free.

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