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gambling addiction hypnosis Sunshine Coast
Hypnosis for Gambling Addictin Sunshine Coast

STOP Gambling Addiction Now.


Take control of your gambling addiction that has taken over your world and every thought.


It seems like an escape, you get transfixed. It is all you can think about. It takes you away from a sense of overwhelm or stressors in your life.


Your Dad or Grandad may have introduced you to horse betting when you were young.

Over the years you have spent all your additional income and more. Some of you have lost your family, houses, jobs. But the desire to chase that loss to get it all back again and more seems too strong a pull.


You may have won big early on, and occasionally still do.

It may have started with a regular drink with mates, or after a stressful event. Not only does it seem to take away those past events it quietens your mind to future worries.


You may have tried to delete your accounts, the apps, or exclude yourself from venues, but still were falling back into the pattern.


You may have tried counselling and the long drawn out and expensive process of talking about the past.


You have tried medication from your GP or psychiatrist, but no-one really knows about your little habit.


I have helped clients who have lost millions, their families and their lives get themselves back into the reality of enjoying what can be in the future while still enjoying the present.

My fast and effective process for Gambling addiction will see you transformed and connecting with what really matters. Each moment is a potential moment to take control.

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The past has been a learning experience and those learnings have been shared.

It really is now time to win again.

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