Chronic Pain Management

End the Pain. Start Living

You feel you can never return to things you love to do. You have given up at times. A feeling it will just get worse and worse. 

No longer able to pick up the kids or sit, stand for long. 

Your fuse is shorter and shorter everyday. Your family complain you are always angry. You know you are not. You stop engaging as much as you can. One day lying on the floor and realise you just can’t get up. So you just have to avoid this. 

Get the relief you need

You wake up all through the night to adjust your pain. You find one position only is suitable and you learn to lie so still at night. 

You have tried so many things, some short term gains and then back further deeper, darker. You have used a variety of substances to escape the feelings, but the reality never changes. 

You wake up worse or you get sore as the days goes on with particular movements/chores.  

You avoid things that could cause problems but then this avoidance becomes the norm.  

A daily reminder when you put on shoes of the simple things that are so hard. This story is also a habit you tell yourself and it has become too real. 

This may sound like you, but it was also me. Can’t do the things you once loved. 

After what was a minor Vespa accident in the rain 2006, I learnt ways to deal with pain – some good, some problematic. Over time the pain got worse and more problems raised their head. Surgery and many procedures later.  

Stress was no longer something I could deal with, other stressors in my life reinforced the issues.  

Constantly looking for opportunities to escape, trying so many meds, so many long term therapies. Life had to change.  

I transitioned my life from dealing with big organisations in change management and organisational psychology to transforming lives one at a time.  

Wake Up Pain Free

Parts of the above reflect my past and I now help thousands of people each year in my own practice, online and through a long term rehab I work to enable you to wake up fresh and look forward to planning ahead again.

Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Matt Vance

My processes for chronic pain management are fast and effective.

See life... as you once did.

You won’t focus on your pain. You will be present for family, and enjoy the thrill again of some old and new experiences. 

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