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What is Hypnosis and How does it work

Hypnosis has been found to be beneficial for many psychological and medical issues.

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy where both the therapist and the client engage in discussion. The change that is requested by the client is worked on together by the client and the therapist, and during the hypnotic state the unconscious area of the client’s mind considers suggestions placed by the therapist and what connections and actions to make.


The hypnotic trance involves various techniques use. It may be deep; it may be quite cognitive. The client can still talk and listen during the trance state and is in full control of their actions.

There are many published scientific results showing positive outcomes with hypnotherapy for clients with a wide range of conditions. 

Quantum Consciousness Experience, Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Anxiety Treatment, Sports Hypnosis, Gambling Addiction, Depression Treatment, Stress Management and Mindfulness Meditation, Life Changes, Executive and Business Coaching, PTSD, Age Regression Therapy and more.

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